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TUPO --Research and Development
  • TUPO --Research and Development
  • TUPO --Research and Development
  • TUPO --Research and Development
  • TUPO --Research and Development

TUPO --Research and Development

RENDERING MACHINE is also called Automatic Rendering Machine, Automatic Plastering Machine, Wall Rendering Machine, Wall Plastering Machine Etc. It is unique and perhaps one kind of automated rendering machinery ideally suitable for the construction/build

The process of researching

Recently, some lawbreakers cheated the customers to sell the counterfeits. For this, our president, Mr.Wang Jianhu picked up some evidence to the case. We research the machine step by step, which was the fakements do not own .

The first generation of products (formerly Hebei Sanjin Intelligent Machinery Factory)

The machine basic shaped 2005 - 2007, in 2008, began worked on the site, making the  destructive experiments to solve the problem of failure rate, improving the flatness, one is three years. The following are the same as the "

It is a TUPO witness wiping the history of the wall witness, it is a breakthrough in the crystallization of wisdom, it is a TUPO priceless treasure. It opened a new chapter in China's construction industry, witnessing our TUPO prosperity and prosperity, which is constantly guiding the  breakthrough technologically.

FQ800-2A was lunched in 2010

The first machine to develop completely to the top

The first machine  apply vibration to the wall

The first machine to explore the original road calendering the           required angle

The first machine to achieve hydraulic fixation 

FQ800-2B was launched in the second half of 2010

The first machine to achieve a disposable plaster thickness of up to 3 cm

The reasons of Eliminating: round pipe pole, toughness small pole easily deformed, wiped out the wall is not enough vertical.


"TUPO -1" was launched in 2011

  CCTV-4 "China News" interview 

(2011 exports need to apply for the company, because the "three gold" and Sanjin Pharmaceutical conflict changed its name to "TUPO")

The first using of the square tube to rise the track

The reasons of Eliminating:  each board between the larger joints, no slip angle device. 

"TUPO-2" was launched in 2011

The first design of the device to do the inside angle

The reasons of Eliminating: large size of the model can not be built, and the model is not easy to move more heavy.


"TUPO -3" was launched in 2012

The first machine to achieve ultra-thin body, free access to less than 80 cm room door. Plaster width increased to 1.35m, wiping the wall to improve the efficiency.

The reasons of Eliminating:  the body is too wide and small area can not be construction, reaction force, plaster height can only do 3m.

"TUPO -4" was launched in the second half of 2012

CCTV-10 "I love inventions" interview the 

Strong operation, the work area can be small to the bathroom

Access to the door can be easily moved without the need to dismantle the pole

The first machine to developed a hydraulic fixation technology that is not affected by uneven ground.

The reasons of Eliminating: plaster width is small, affecting the construction efficiency.




"TUPO -5" was launched in 2013

The first machine to use of rack drive technology to achieve uniform rise and fall

The first machine to replace the host material with aluminum-magnesium alloy to reduce the weight of the host.

The reasons of Eliminating: the toughness of the pole is small, the wall is not enough vertical, the middle of the bottom of the RBI operation cumbersome.

"TUPO -6" was launched in2014

Starting from the ground 125px plaster

The first machine to achieve double tile to improve the flatness

The first way to achieve infrared positioning, to improve the vertical degree of flatness

Up and down hand wheel positioning, higher accuracy.

The reasons of Eliminating: the machine will be running when the floor ash, breaking the six small wiping board from the ground only 125px machine down to the bottom of the small wiping board directly into the floor ash inside, the machine moving difficult, hand wheel positioning mode operation is too cumbersome and error.

"TUPO-7z"was launched in the second half of 2015

The first successful using of automated positioning technology for wiping the wall

The reasons of Eliminating: the use of infrared vertical inaccurate, and will be affected by outdoor light.

Pole toughness even if the installation of a small wiping plate scraping, vertical throw thrown.

Out of the door need to dismantle the pole speed is slow, labor intensity.

Ash bucket capacity is too small, while the side of the machine plus ash, wiping more than three meters on the need to stop the middle plus ash, artificial shovel a shovel plus ash labor intensity, slow.


TUPO-8 was launched in 2016

The first machine to develop a semi-enclosed easy access to the door of the folding pole way

The first design of the transport truck can be dumped ash directly ash self-folding hopper.

The first machine to solve the doors and windows less than 1250px construction

The first machine to develop a beam, the following beam construction technology

8 Breakthrough in TUPO-8


1. It is used by the foldable upright stanchion, which will be more convenient for entering and removing the place.

2. It is used the latest design of widen aluminum alloy that is high tenacity and lighter.

3. It is used the fixing automatically, which will be more quick and accurate.

4. It can expand the working area, which can reduce the labor force to fix.

5. Cement bucket can promote around 3 times capacity that under 4m can tack on, which will be more convenient to work.

6. It is adopted the eversible design, material mover can add the cement into the cement bucket directly.

7. You can control the quantity of adding cement and moment automatically or manually according to your need.

8. The speed of machine wo0rking is exceed around 25%, which can improve your work efficiency.



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