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    FOSHAN TUPO MACHINERY MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD (TUPO Machinery), is the original inventor of the wall plastering machines/ rendering machines in the world. As a national new and high-tech enterprise, TUPO Machinery has always paid attention to the development and protection of the intellectual property rights.

    With the development of business, TUPO automatic plastering machine gain the trusts by clients over 60 countries and regions, which is the promotion of TUPO’s brand, but some international torts are occurred.

    For instance, we found that the competitors (C*G**, E*Z**...) stealed our product’ outlook, copied relevant technology and sold the fake product to cheat so many customers in overseas. To a certain extent, it’s violation of the intellectual property rights that we’ve been paying for.

    So we're going to set up an intellectual property in the customs protection system.

    According to the article 25 of < Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Implementation Customs Administrative Penalty >, where anyone ,in violation of the provisions of the state on import and export administration, imports or exports goods the importation or exportation of which is restricted by the state,and the consignee of import goods or the consigner of export goods cannot submit the licensing document when making the declaration to the customs, such import or export goods shall no be released and a fine of not more than 30% of the value of the goods shall be improsed.

    If you buy a counterfeit, you will be bound by law. Please identify the only original wall plaster machine- TUPO 8 E-CONTROL PLUS 1000!

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