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The Step of TUPO Machinery

The Step of TUPO Machinery


In 2005, we began to research and develop the wall wipe machine.

2.2007 machine basic type, vibrating plaster, completely to top, the original road pressure light, hydraulic fixed, after three years.

3.2008 began to work at the construction site, doing destructive tests, solving the problem of failure rate, which was three years of stress and almost crushing.

In 2010, fq800-2a and fq8002-2b were introduced and the industry was well ahead.

In 2011, sanjin intelligent machinery factory and sanjin pharmaceutical co., ltd. were close to being unable to apply for the company. On October 18, 2011, new registration was registered as the breakthrough machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (wang jianhu) of xingtai city.

July 2012 moved to foshan.

On December 1, 2012, foshan breakthrough machinery manufacturing co., LTD.

The new breakthrough was introduced in February 2013.

On March 1, 2013, breakthrough machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Beijing branch was established.


  Ten advantages on breakthrough product 1. using hydraulic top crest, way to solve the problem of positioning is not strong, and fast positioning, only about 10 seconds. 2. vertical level can be fixed by the two support and traditional management combined with the problems of the laser positioning slow, difficult positioning error, using 3. big problems. On the way forward to conveying ash and can change the angle of the big board combined with wipe, completely wipe the top, not a mm. 4. use vibrators on board to solve the increasing artificial wall prone hollowing, cracks in the wall, the maximum thickness of 3 cm water plastering plastering, the thickness of 0.2 cm can change the perspective of on board, the machine can't solve along the way the problem of pressure drop light. 6. using the pull rod free docking is more convenient for you with different height, but also solve the problem of the telescopic rod can not pass through the construction of the hole, and the machine To the site, insert the pole can be used, no need to unplug the assembly. The pole can transport, without disassembling the machine operation. 7. 80-120 cm wide, a wall so that the 80,80 on the past left 20,30,50 cm wide, you only need to fill out the side, without adjustment, because of the long block. Time in the sand ash inside, any adjustment block is impossible. 8. single machine can be stopped, such as the construction hole and sending ash, can wipe construction hole above. 9. with matching limit clamp, and the card to the lintel coequal height can wipe lintel.

Following the same, with the hands on below the two changes to the window wiping plate angle bar set, you can wipe the window below. 10. cast board design than the fuselage width, so the yin yang angle, angle is very easy to do security measures in place.

 A breakthrough product 1. wipe the board does not change into the plastering angle before starting switch, the machine does not rise, avoid grab the bad Template. 2. machine top, such as the lintel Dabao wipe very thin or wipe with stones, wipe the plate turning in place, a gas spring protection, will not destroy any place. And the machine, the machine will stop automatically, protect the rope disc disorder. 3. broken rope protection: no matter which a rope break machine. They will quickly through a distance of 10 cm automatic machine, the machine will not protect the crouch end. And then turn on the switch down. 4.: if the power supply is connected with anti reversal protection, motor reversal, the machine will in a matter of seconds, automatically cut off the power supply. The power supply phase. 5. the design of the machine after the former light heavy, even hydraulic slow will lie to the wall, not backwards. 6. machine overload protection: if the card machine the way up opportunity to automatically shut down. 

 convenient rope changing design, in the power of the state, with both hands and two steel ropes, mention how much, how much to send, do not put them off, a The wire rope hoist on the back until the end. If the rope is not long enough, you can do it. If the wire rope is too long, a plastering plate, wire rope and pull hands near starting switch, is a rope. 8. on the plate with tight belt, the conveyor belt will not send ash, the ash to avoid the ground behind the 9.. On board a gray, wiping plate is not easy to lift in place, can be the first point of vibration switch rapid cleaning, wipe the board. Another 10. machines running empty or no ash is filled, the machine will stop in advance.


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