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Automatic Rendering Machine TUPO 8 Can Help You A Lot In The Summer

When the summer is coming, under the high temperature of 38 even 40 degree centigrade, the working efficiency of workers will lower down, but you need to catch up the progress of the projects, what you can do?

Thanks for TUPO 8, a machine which can vastly reduce construction working time, save labor cost and energy, and get much better plastering finishing at same time.


No need rest, won’t get tired, can work for 24 hours continuously. TUPO 8 with the features of fast locating(14 sec.) , quality plastering(flatness and verticality +/-1mm), fast speed( 1 cycle within 45 sec.) and smooth plaster surface etc. TUPO 8 can be used with many kind of walls including cement walls, red brick walls, non-burning brick walls, aeration blocks and so on Now the TUPO 8 is serving many big construction companies all over the world.


Choose automatic rendering machineTUPO 8, you will know what change of the new technology will help you promote your construction project! 

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