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  • Positive Feedback From Africa
  • Positive Feedback From Africa

Positive Feedback From Africa

As the inventor and leader of automatic rendering machine, TUPO 8 rendering machine significantly reduces the labor intensity of plasterer,
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As the inventor and leader of automatic rendering machine, TUPO 8 rendering machine significantly reduces the labor intensity of plasterer, improves the plastering efficiency, and shortens the construction period which contributes the development prosperity of construction industry.


Automatic rendering machine, also called wall plastering machine, was a new type construction machine invented by our Chairman Mr. Wang Jianhu and his research group through 12 years repeatedly testing, which costs us 1,000,000 US dollars, and obtained over 30 patents, TUPO rendering machine possesses the features of fast locating, quality plastering, fast speed, and smooth plaster surface and so on.



1. We are the original inventor and biggest manufacturer of automatic rendering machine in China. the inventor is Mr.Wang Jianhu, In China, as you may know, there are quite much copies since Mr.Wang inventor the machine. when the domestic customers looking for manufacturer of this products, they don't put the key word" auto rendering machine", but the put the key word "Wang Jianhu", because they know Mr.Wang is the original inventor of this machine who used to be interviewed by the well know official TV media CCTV.

1. 我们是中国的最初发明者和自动抹灰机最大的生产厂家。发明者是王建虎先生,在中国,你可能知道,自从王先生发明了机器有相当多的仿造。当国内客户寻找该产品的生产厂家的时候,他们不输入关键字“自动抹灰机”,而是输入关键字“王建虎”,因为他们知道王先生是本机最初的发明家,被熟知的官方电视媒体CCTV的采访过。


2. As the original inventor, we have our many advantages, please see attachments "Why Us" for your reference.

2. 作为最初的发明人,我们有许多优点,那时仿造厂无法复制的。

3. We hold the lead in this line, our share market in China is more than 70%, we have so many customers in construction site, they give enough information to us to make our machine better and better.



4. We are No.1 for now in China. please set your mind about the quality and service.

4.我们现在是中国的No.1, 选择产品请把突破的质量和服务放在心上。

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