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TUPO 8 Plastering Machine in Afica

As TUPO's constant innovation and development, TUPO 8 wall plastering machine products are sold to every corner of the world. As a post-sales technician for the Breakthrough Company, whether it is a bustling metropolis or a remote mountainous region, we have many words to express.

As TUPO through the company's constant innovation and development, products are sold to every corner of the world. As an after-sales technician who breaks through the company, whether it is a noisy metropolis or a remote mountainous region, we have to visit our customers. Let customers quickly master the operating technology of the machine and bring them huge economic profits. But we also encounter unexpected things.

For example, this trip to Uganda, the west of Africa. Here we learned about national culture and customs. But also experienced a thrilling thing. On the first day here, my client P’ and his partner worked together to drive to a small town. About an hour away from the county seat. The customer’s purchase breakthrough -8 was placed on a four-storey private home in the town. Along the way, we enjoyed the beauty of the mountains and chatted about the local history and culture. Soon we arrived in the town, but the sky was not beautiful, and it began to rain just after it arrived. After arriving at the construction site, we must first do a good job in the early stage. We will begin to install the wall cement spray plaster machine, make a spot on the wall, pour the water on the wall, and pull the hair. After we are ready, we will find a hotel in the town to save time. The hotel is very basic, with two very small single beds. 

The quilt is very damp and has a musty smell. I live in a room with the customer and the other two are resting in the car. The rain kept going all the time. It felt like the pillow was getting wet in the middle of the night. When I turned on the lights, I found that the room was leaking. At the time, my heart was really sad. No way to find the hotel owner changed his pillow, the bed was pulled to the place where there is no leakage.

The next day the rain was still falling. We came to the construction site and began teaching customers how to use the machine for plastering. Started today's work. The customer went outside to buy meat, vegetables and rice, cook on site, and solve the problem of eating. Afterwards, the diet was solved on the construction site. Although I am not accustomed to eating, I will be able to fill my stomach. It was until ten o'clock in the evening to return to the hotel. The rain in the middle of the night was even greater, and it was not until the third day that the rain had no intention of stopping. After completing the work on this day, the customer was also skilled in the operation, maintenance and simple maintenance of the machine. 

The customer is very satisfied with the wall of the -8 wipe out, I will go to the next customer service. They also have to go back to the county seat. At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, we drove out of town and saw the river soaring. The murky river with its roaring sound makes people feel terrible. Many trees on the road were seen to be washed down by rain, and there were landslides and landslides in the mountains. On the road are all the stones that roll down the hill. Due to the landslide ahead, the road was completely closed after a long walk. We can only return to the town. We talked about staying in the town for one night and then walking the next day. At about eight o'clock after dinner, the client said that he would try again. Because I heard that there are workers cleaning up the road, the road is newly opened and it is easy to have landslides. We can go back to the county as long as we can go around the old road. At the time, neither I nor the driver agreed to go too dangerous. 

However, customers still insisted on going, mainly because there were heavy rains in the next few days. I also had to bet on luck. I hit the road with anxiety. The road is full of mud, stones and fallen trees. After bumping all the way for half an hour, they came to their old road. The road is very narrow, about three meters wide. It is also a bad road to be crushed before. It is said that the eighteenth bend on the mountain road is still a sharp turn, and fog will appear every other time, and the visibility is very low. Fortunately, although the old road is not good, there are few landslides. No impact on traffic. The car was driving slowly, more rain was heard, the flood of the flood in the ravine and the engine sound of the engine. Along the way, a few of us are fearful. Once an accident occurs, it is impossible to imagine it. I am very pleased with the information sent by family, friends and relatives, and understanding my security status. 

I am very touched. It took nearly four hours to get through this, and finally arrived in the county seat. It was finally in danger. He quickly called the relatives and friends. Finished this trip.

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