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The automatic plastering machine is coming, and the work of construction workers is more and more relaxed!


The automatic plastering machine is coming, and the work of construction workers is more and more relaxed!


With the acceleration of China's modernization construction and the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the housing living environment. Painting the wall is indispensable in the housing decoration process. At present, the plastering process in our country mainly depends on manual operation, which has many disadvantages: heavy workload, cumbersome process, high labor intensity, great harm to workers' health, high wall needs scaffolding, etc., which causes delay consensus, inconvenient plastering operation, waste a lot of financial and material resources, and quality can not be guaranteed.


However, with the rapid progress of the times, the progress of science and technology is also rapid. The TUPO automatic wall plastering machine solves the above problems in time.


Break through the advantages of automatic plastering machine. First of all, the automatic plastering machine is widely used, which is suitable for wall plastering of commercial houses, office buildings, factories, schools, rural self built houses, etc. Secondly, the working speed of automatic wall plasterer is 10 times faster than that of traditional manual operation, which provides favorable conditions for accelerating the completion of the project and more time guarantee for quickly winning the next project.


Moreover, the TUPO of automatic plastering machine is not only fast, but also high quality. It completely solves the problems of uneven plastering surface and falling ash in the current construction machinery industry. The effect of wall brushing is totally unmatched by manual operation.


Finally, the plastering machine is very cost saving: it greatly reduces the problem of serious waste of plaster in traditional manual operation, reduces the labor intensity of plasterers, shortens the construction cycle, and makes the work of construction workers more and more relaxed.


In recent years, the automatic plastering machine has brought convenience  to the construction industry, but some customers have doubts about the automatic plastering machine, and think that what to do if the automatic plastering machine can't be used, so that customers dare not buy it. In fact, the use of automatic plastering machine is no experience, as long as after a simple training, you can start to operate.


operates in good faith and strictly controls the quality. Every automatic plastering machine has been tested on the spot before leaving the factory. TUPOin line with the quality of survival, rely on integrity and development, widely welcomed in the industry!

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