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One belt, one road policy is good! TUPO automatic wall plastering machine and realize going out


One belt, one road policy is good! TUPO automatic wall plastering machine and realize going out


One belt, one road, is mainly developing countries, and the demand for infrastructure construction is huge. It has laid a good international environment for China's construction enterprises to go out and continue to increase cooperation with infrastructure along the countries along the route.


One belt, one road downstream of the infrastructure industry, is facing the problem of overcapacity in China's construction industry, which is becoming increasingly serious with the decline in domestic fixed assets investment. The competition in domestic decoration industry is getting more and more serious. Going out is seen as a TUPO in the development of decoration enterprises.


Since 2014, one belt, one road strategy has been TUPO, and actively developing overseas markets and participating in international competition. With the courage and courage of , the TUPO machinery team has brought the automatic wall plasterer to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.  from one belt, one road and one country, we accelerated the development of overseas business of mechanical wall plastering machine and achieved super expected growth.


TUPO machinery was established in 2005, more than 10 years of research and development, so that TUPO automatic plastering machine has a qualitative leap. In 2013, TUPO machinery was invited to participate in CCTV-10 I love invention program. In the program, a TUPO wall plastering machine boldly challenged the artificial plastering team of 10 people. Whoever plastered the wall with large area and good quality won in the specified time. After 2 hours of hard work, the machine team won all the big goods. No matter in the plastering area or quality, the machine won in all aspects. So far, TUPO automatic plastering machine technology is stable, product maturity, higher and higher praise.


Subsequently, many automatic machinery manufacturers began to follow suit, which opened a new chapter in the history of China's automatic plastering machine. Therefore, TUPO machinery has become the real inventor in the history of Chinese wall plastering machine, and established the  position of TUPO machinery in the market of automatic wall plastering machine. In the market environment of more and more competitors, the product technology is constantly improving.


The latest generation of 8q (high precision end + follow the wall) plastering machine adopts the latest remote control automatic positioning technology, vertical and horizontal automatic locking; the design of automatic control reversible ash hopper solves the plastering work of the upper and lower edges of doors and windows; it can also be used in the working conditions with low wall precision, such as rural self built houses or construction sites with large wall error. The width, height and thickness of single wall plastering operation of 8q automatic wall plastering machine exceeded that of manual wall plastering, which improved the work efficiency. Take a 550 square house as an example, it only takes one day to finish painting.


Nowadays one belt, one road policy, have a brilliant future in the construction industry.

Emily Wu
Linda Chan