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Foshan Breakthrough Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD Declare

We have made a response to the wall masters program broadcast on May 6, 2016 by CCTV my love invention program:

Plastering wall master so-called wipe Chen Guangjie research and development of the second generation of aircraft with CCTV on May 24, 2013 I love invention broadcast Wang Jianhu site patrons are exactly the same invention, the show's Chen Guangjie research and development of the third generation wipe is stealing Wang Jianhu break through the seventh generation model of the machine, we on CCTV, this kind of irresponsible, program without review behavior labeled indignation! The broadcast caused great damage to the jet's developer, wang jianhu, and the breakthrough machinery. To CCTV solemn representation, therefore we will request CCTV the program off the air, and the program's broadcast to Wang Jianhu damage, and thus to break through the mechanical impact to apologize, restore reputation, eliminate the influence, compensate for the losses.


In addition, wipe Chen Guangjie so-called the third generation of aircraft is in 2015 to the national Patent Office to apply for the patent, and before a year ago breakthrough machinery has been upload the video of the product to the company's web site, youku video network media, such as promotion from the public. In this regard, we will present strong evidence and apply to the state patent administration for revocation of Chen guangjie's relevant patents.


Secondly, the good news is that the so-called Chen Guangjie invention is a breakthrough has been eliminated the seventh generation of products of the company, our company's eighth generation aircraft has batch production, breakthrough eight made a number of technical innovation for breakthrough 7 products, in and out of the room without having to tear open outfit poling, positioning, more than five times faster than the original skip can be directly into the hopper, plaster height 3.5 meters without intermediate grey, greatly improved the labor productivity. And our breakthrough eight products won the gold medal at the recently concluded international invention exhibition in Geneva.


The state encourages mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and will never indulge in such abuses. We will take necessary legal measures to safeguard our lawful rights and interests.

I hope CCTV can respect the facts, face up to the problems and correct the mistakes, so that media propaganda can be consistent with the policy of creating a  China. Let intellectual property be protected, let fraud be punished, let truth and justice not obliterated!

Emily Wu
Linda Chan