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Choose to break through the wall plastering machine for self built house decoration, only 1 day!

As China is a country with large population, there is a large demand for housing. The rapid development of real estate makes the construction industry in China develop rapidly.

At present, our country's industrial, commercial and civil housing construction, whether from the main body to decoration, from the wall to the installation of water and electricity, is all completed by hand, with long construction period and difficult quality assurance.

In the construction period, the wall painting and decoration account for 50% of the quota construction period, so improving the efficiency and quality is an effective measure to shorten the construction period and ensure the construction quality.

In this context of unprecedented demand, breaking through the mechanical heavyweight, we launched the eighth generation automatic wall plasterer to help improve the efficiency of building decoration.

Break through automatic wall plastering machine, high efficiency, it is fast. One hour can powder wall about 50 square meters, much faster than artificial powder wall.

Break through automatic wall plastering machine with various functions. It can not only spread cement mortar, lime mortar, mixed mortar, but also spread putty powder, porcelain paint and so on.

Break through the automatic wall plastering machine and ensure the construction quality. The flatness and perpendicularity of the wall can meet the relevant national standards.

The wall surface is smooth and has strong adhesion.

Break through the automatic wall plastering machine, save labor, labor and materials. There is no floor ash in the painting, so there is no need to build scaffolding, which saves the cost of building shelves, reflecting the word "save".

The width, height and thickness of automatic wall plastering machine exceed that of manual wall plastering, which improves work efficiency. Take a self built house of 500 square meters as an example, it only takes about 10 hours (one working day) to paint well. Compared with manual plastering, it has higher efficiency and better effect.

What's more outstanding is that the automatic wall plastering machine is a non-contact operation, and the workers can avoid the operation area, which is safe and stable. It is easy to operate, without experience of plastering walls, and easy to start with training. It is very suitable for decoration husband and wife stalls and small construction teams.

Breakthrough machinery has a professional R & D team, excellent CNC processing , a complete set of perfect testing process, high-quality after-sales service to ensure the quality of automatic plastering machine, the product is trustworthy!

In fact, since the advent of the wall plasterer 12 years ago, although breakthrough machinery has been imitated, it has never been surpassed. Buy automatic plastering machine, please recognize the original invention brand - breakthrough machinery!

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