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Automatic Wall Rendering Machine Is 5 Times Than The Labor Work

Artificial intelligence, also machine intelligence (MI), is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Naturally, companies don’t want to fall behind, and many have decided to invest in AI to boost their businesses. Everyone’s talking about how artificial intelligence is radically changing multiple aspects of our daily lives.

Due to manual process of wall plastering on construction site, there is a huge scale requirement of labor and hence the labor cost is responsible for increasing the price of construction or project work. The quality of work is mostly depending on the skill of the labor work in manual plastering process. 

The solution of these problems is just to automate the process, so that there will be a saving of period and cost and getting good plaster finishing to the walls. The plastering machine can plaster the walls automatically and very smoothly. Due to which the process will fast and there will be saving of cost and time this will helps to reduce the total cost, total time which ultimately responsible for the growth and hence the progress rate of a country is going to increase. 

The original plastering machine inventor is Mr. Wang Jianhu who running a manufacturer of TUPO machinery. The structures of a machine are fabricated by using required necessary components like steel frame, sheet metal, metal bars, lead screw, AC/DC motors, wheels nut and bolts all these can be well assembled as for the requirement.  The components need to be fabricated for the machine are ceiling bean, steel tube, upper adjustable touch, conveyor belt, plastering board, resist board, supporting bar, lower adjustable touch, hydraulic base, hydraulic handle, hydraulic pedal, oil window, driving shaft, rollers, driveshaft, gears, pulleys etc. Mr. Wang demonstrated that the machine has to be located near the wall which has going to plaster. The machine should be perfectly leveled. Then the mortar is poured into the hopper of the tray. The lifting force is transferred to tray through power screw, which driven by AC motor.   

Mr. Wang also sums up the following features of the plastering machine.

1. Automatic plastering machine is one type of unique machine will be used in construction industry. 

2. It helps to save the time and money. 

3. It works with cement mortar which is conventional one due to which no replacement of the material required. 

4. The machine is more productive than the conventional plastering technique. 

5. Higher quality of a plaster can be obtained with this machine. 

6. The thickness of the plaster will be constant over the wall which is generally varying 0.5 to 0.75 inches at different conditions of the wall surface. 

7. This machine needs to pour the mortar manually so, it has needed the work automation of loading mortar. 

8. It reduces the wastage of mortar up to 60% and hence required fewer raw materials. 

9. Due to saving in time, labor cost, raw material, the overall cost of construction is less hence the machine is economically efficient than the conventional plastering technique. 

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