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Automatic plastering machine, 550 square meters house can be finished in one day

Automatic plastering machine, 550 square meters house can be finished in one day

Plasterer, the front-line operator in the 40 million construction army.

They work hard, inefficient, and often do not get the approval of the building owners.

The manual plastering process is complex. First, plaster and scraper are used,

Then use the cross scraping method, first backlight in the smooth scraping, and finally sandpaper.

After working more than ten hours a day, the plasterer's arm is often too tired to lift.

Many people have a question:

So hard manual plastering work,

How many square meters can a plasterer plaster in a day (10 hours)?

First of all, brick concrete structure is an influencing factor.

In addition, with the story height, plastering grade and structure complexity also has a great relationship.

Generally speaking, high-grade plastering is only 20 square meters a day.

About 30 square meters with more openings and more internal and external corners.

In the case of low process requirements, a plasterer can plaster 50 square meters a day.

Moreover, the manual plastering work does not have independence, which requires multi person cooperation to produce high efficiency.

That is to say

Take the most common wall as an example, a plasterer can only work 50-60 square meters of work area after a hard day.

And there is a 10% possibility of empty walls!

The efficiency is low, the effect is bad, is simply thankless!

In this era of automatic machinery

Is there no machine that can replace this kind of manual plastering?

The answer is: Yes!

In recent years, an automatic wall plasterer is popular in the construction industry,

Take the original inventor's breakthrough in automatic wall plastering machine as an example,

550 square meters house only 1 day (10 hours) can be painted!

Automatic, intelligent operation, efficiency is 10 times of manual!

what's more,

The automatic wall plastering machine is used for plastering,

There is no hollowing on the wall, the adhesive force is very strong, and the effect is strong!

If you are tired of the tedious and laborious manual plastering,

Please choose automatic wall plasterer!

Improve efficiency, start a business and become rich, lease business,

Please recognize the original inventor to break through the mechanical automatic wall plastering machine!

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